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just started playing cs

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  • just started playing cs

    i just started playing 2 days ago, im **** but the game is quite fun anyway.

    i knew i was gonna try this game sonner or later because so many people play it and say its such a good game, only problem is like with most games theres to many cheaters, i just dont see the point for there gain, like the idea of it is to have fun right? well whats fun about cheating theres no skill at all, like i said im **** but the more im play the better i get and i dont take it to serious like most people as it is just a game, but anybody can download and use the hacks and it annoys me like ****.

    i know theres servers that have anti-cheat technology apparently, but there shouldnt need to be, like i have joined a few servers to try playing and you need to download a thing called cheating-death to play there which is some kind of anti-cheat program or something, but surely there are people that have created bypasses for this program which will allow them to cheat.

    ummmmm..... damn, i was only posting to say i started playing cs and i think it is quite a fun game and i went off-topic with a rant about cheaters.....oh well....