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TT Livescan 2011 Public Release

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  • TT Livescan 2011 Public Release

    The public release is up.

    Aside from a slight interface redesign, here are the new features:

    -Quicker Scantimes (~5 minutes per scan, ~3 when ignoring the whitelist database)

    -7 default databases (Blacklist, Whitelist, Default Malware Install Paths, Trojan Port List, Malware API Database, Executable Packer Database, Parental Control Scanning)

    -Plugin support for 32 other anti-malware scanners. Plugins are now automatically scanned for and prompt the user for action when detected.

    Combined, the databases contain ~56 million definitions and are ~10GB
    in size. The previous version of TT Livescan will be phased out along
    with its databases within the next 48 hours.

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