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Welcome to the New Limpkinw.com

Hey all! I had to move servers and the old version of Vbulletin was not compatible so I did an update.

I know there is no activity here but we do get a lot of visitors, and quote a few old school Yahoo Gamers come by once in a while so I'd hate to take the site down.

Anyways I am going to try to reactivate user registration so some of the folks who forgot their login info can make new accounts.

Maybe I will get a bug up my a$$ and add back in the old arcade and stuff.

I am sorry for the UGLY theme but I will get that fixed at some point!

I hope everyone is well!!!!
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Site Messenger...Delphi Project

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  • Site Messenger...Delphi Project

    First and formost...
    I know you all have a vb version somewhere and I would like to convert that to delphi if everyone agrees. 

    Here is a brief rundown of the features it will/may have (more ideas welcomed)

    Stand Alone Exe
    Integrated with vBulletin
    Real Time Instant Messenger
    Buddy List (Online/Offline)
    File Transfer
    Searchable Message History Archive
    Recent Threads Display (option)
    vBulletin Private Messaging
    Admin Controls Such as User Banning/Warning
    Skinable Interface
    Online/Offine Status/Away Display
    Possible Integration with other Messaging Systems (Aim/Yahoo/ICQ)

    Today I will be installing a vBulletin Messaging System that may be the basis for much of our work. 

    So if you are interested give me a "show of hands"


    ~ Rll~

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    always intrested !!!!!