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Open Source Chain Project - Limpkinw.Com



Welcome to the New Limpkinw.com

Hey all! I had to move servers and the old version of Vbulletin was not compatible so I did an update.

I know there is no activity here but we do get a lot of visitors, and quote a few old school Yahoo Gamers come by once in a while so I'd hate to take the site down.

Anyways I am going to try to reactivate user registration so some of the folks who forgot their login info can make new accounts.

Maybe I will get a bug up my a$$ and add back in the old arcade and stuff.

I am sorry for the UGLY theme but I will get that fixed at some point!

I hope everyone is well!!!!
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Open Source Chain Project

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    yeah its very hard to find time... not like when i was in high school... now i work, go to college, etc.

    another big problem for me is i sort of lose interest in whatever I'm doing after a while ... probably why I dont remember ever completing an application 100% to my satisfaction and why i never released anything (much)

    thats the reason Ive been looking for people to learn .NET with... to keep me motivated

    I was kinda tutoring judy (aka chinadoll) ... but she doesnt really find it of any interest (maybe im not the best teacher)

    anyway right now I'm just working on the client a little bit at a time I'm still at the very start , if you wanna jump in and start I can find somewhere to host my sources.


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      im still here, whoever wants the source code, just email me at omarn07@yahoo.com.

      i havent really updated the code in years, because yahoo made the rating cap at 3500 and it looks like that will never change again.


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        lol! I'm the same way, I lose interest quick. I use to make programs and get about 70% done, and say f uck it and make something else.
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          *scratches himself and looks around*
          "Dad, what's the blow-hole for?"
          "I'll tell you what it's not for, son. And when I do, you'll understand why I can never go back to Sea World."