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  • icq uin cracker

    i have an idea for a program i have a feeling this is in the wrong place but there isnt a section for program suggestions.
    so i figured i would place it here because i dont think it is beginner and i dont think it is advanced.

    my idea is just that someone could build a cracker for icq with proxy support would be good for anonymity.
    because i have not seen one around and people prefer the small numbers to the large numbers.
    as nobody has started cracking icq ids to my knowledge
    i think it would be reasonably easy.

    this is just an idea anyway.
    what does everybody think about this?

  • #2
    Yes. I agree

    Someone please design a ICQ cracker for us.
    so, we can get the 4 digit or 5 digit icq accounts that people don't use.

    nowadays, icq # are getting larger like... 10 digits.hahah


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      I might just make it.
      The songs you grow to like never stick at first


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        well the new accounts are 10 digits like you said.
        but lots of old accounts arent used so this would be a great cracker because i thought of it (lol) i should test it(lol).
        i wasnt going to give the idea here on a forum because i thought lots of people would jump at the chance i was going to suggest the project to a friend of mine but if figured he might be busy.
        thats why i posted it here. but the sooner its made the sooner we be cracking.
        it is just a question of who makes it first.

        so the question is who will make it first??


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          Someone please design this icq cracker. lol. it will be wicked...

          the first icq # starts at 10000 . you will be very famous if you crack the that icq account. !!!

          confuseded is probably making it... but not sure if he'll share the program with us. ( read above)