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    Originally posted by Limpkinw
    winsock of course is the basis for data transfer in windows, however winsock.ocx as is used in vb w/out any help will not communicate effectively with a secure server.
    I really would like to see someone prove me wrong.
    Agreed, perhaps (never tried it in VB). So, if not the OCX then you write your own Winsock layer making calls to the Winsock DLL. I'm only saying that it can be done using Winsock not wheather you or Leb or me or anyone has the know-how to do so (in VB, dont use the OCX, use the DLL instead).

    The company I work for has a bunch of applications that communicate with https servers but they do it in C and not VB. But the concept is the same wheather in C or VB.

    I believe the point was wheather or not one can use Winsock to retrieve the Yahoo email (not smtp) and not wheather or not one has the "know-how". I do not have alot of Yahoo know-how so it would be a challange for me to write a C or VB program to get Yahoo email. But that has nothing to do with wheather it can be done or not. I can write a C program (using Winsock) to communicate to a https server just not to Yahoo https server. Maybe I will give it a try (after I learn some Yahoo ins and outs) just to see.

    P.S. You new site is a 150% improvement over your earlier one. Good job, btw.