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Java class files....

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  • Java class files....

    Hey i need someone that knows java i have a few class files (programs) there done coded for towers they work just that the person that gave them to me like decided to take out a small piece of the code to make them not work like one was just missing show() and that was all that was needed to make them work if anyone wants to take a look at them and think that they can add whats needed to make them work probably isnt much just common sence please im me Carveronaim or yahoo_god_carver on ym thanks

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    Carver....Did you have names yahoo took away...Dis used those to trick some 13 y/o kid out of ladder.


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      Only in Jazzfeld can you find the official aim conversation between Carver and me about Carver hacking yahoo-


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        Send me those links again on aim carver. I've been busy lately but I'll try when i get a chance