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plz help me

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  • plz help me

    Can some 1 give me a good booster
    or toss me a red

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    No more boosters...

    Talking about BOOSTERS For YAHOO! Chess?

    Right now , I think that RATMAN is not on sale!
    I Play Chess , BlackJack & Poker! Love DELPHI


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      i dont know wether you play pool or chess.
      but right now i am feeling generous so message me in private and i will give you a 10k pool rate for free.
      i want to make this clear i do not want anybody else messaging me for rates as i wont give them for free, trade or sale.
      i would have given some older ids i had but i gave them away a long time ago sadly.


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        get it?
        These words are my voice.....and this world is my stage.....


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          LOL@forsaken ......... yo kid try other sites and boost yourself ...... there's alot of different booster's out there ...... like 3rd gen or mini booster( from, ez macros, you just have to search for one ........ instead of all these begging for a booster or some ratings ....... i would help you but i really dont know you.
          HELP MY ARMY GROW:


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            hi qball... how r ya??? im new here and i just need some lil help from you since i look at u a lil bit more into this kinda things like boosters or some other stuff... well i've been needing some help since february of thsi year... something like that... well if u got someting to tell me .. please.. reply me ; )
            o o o


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              what are you looking for __Mek__ ??? who are you ??? im good and you ??? i dont really know what you looking for or what your asking me for ??? im just a nobody ..... i may just be a nice guy and all but im really nobody ..... important
              HELP MY ARMY GROW: