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Ideas for Chain X

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  • Ideas for Chain X

    As you may all know, Chain is currently in Version 9.0 and it has the most and best features of any Yahoo! Games Client out there.

    Now for Chain 10.0 which I will call Chain X I want to do a major overhaul and introduce new features.

    I would like some feedback from all of you in here in what I should implement into Chain X and future Chain versions.

    Chain 9.0 is available at

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    give us a list of all the features that chain 9.0 has, it might help us to think up ideas for chain X, also post a screenshot of Chain 9.0


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      Ok there I posted a screenshot at

      , and here are the features of Chain 9.0

      Login up to 255 Yahoo! IDS to any game room of your choosing.

      Room Data:

      See Lobby Chat,
      Save Room Data
      Auto Response Options to custom text
      Repeat any name of your choosing
      Send Lobby chat

      Table Commands:

      Create Tables
      Join & Sit at Tables
      Start Games
      Double Nill
      Leave Table

      Change Table Privacy ( Public/Protected/Private)
      Invite and Boot any Name to Table
      Send text to Table

      These are the features that Chain 9.0 has, and I recently just added Graffer 1.0 to which is a Yahoo! Graffiti Word Scrambler. But my main focus is going to be Chain X now.


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        looks cool bud... Does chain 9 work? I cant seem to get it to work.


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          Why dont you tell me the exact problem?

          I mean it could range from your not loading the names from a text file to you dont have the required visual basic runtime files.


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            sounds like an awesome program zenos i hope you have good luck with it a lot of people giving up on yahoo
            :-X love ya forever and always


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              From Chain X To Chain 2.5

              I have decided to go from Chain 9.0 to Chain 2.5, as I feel throughout the history of the Chain program which has been roughly 2 months, I have not made enough changes to warrant it 10 version numbers up.

              Anyway its sort of an upgrade from Chain 9.0 to Chain 2.5, as you no longer have to verify when opening the Chain program the server which it connects when opened will determine that now.

              I have also separated the join and sit at table commands for table options and changed the icon color back to a more lively blue.

              I still want your suggestions and feedback for a possible Chain 3.0 release this week. I mean theres so many things I could add I just need your suggestions and feedback on what to add.

              Chain 2.5 is now available at


              Please promote Chain throughout the Yahoo! Games community as I have worked a lot of time on this and do not want to see it go to waste.

              Im also looking for possible partners in developing future Chain versions.

              Must have knowledge of Visual Basic and experience with Sockets if Interested.


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                Looks very good so far Zenos. I would say add something really orignal to the program. Im not quite sure what to add to it though. Maybe add the selected tables chat to the program or something cool like that. Or just add some features like mimic somebody or something like that


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                  oooooooo i know you could add an mp3 player why not add some comfort with that :-)
                  :-X love ya forever and always


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                    hmm..right now it says the server is disabled. Ill try later and let you knowif it works..thanks
                    Yesterday, I loaded the name list but i couldnt log the names in and open tables.


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                      o you could add a paint kit on it cause i love to draw thats some fun stuff i think that would be awesome if ya added it
                      :-X love ya forever and always


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                        paint kit? lol...Mandy you really must be from pennsylvania.


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                          yuppers thats what they say lol ooooooooooooooooo another good thing would be more games inside like the ones in the arcade here
                          :-X love ya forever and always


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                            Ur Chain needs a manual to use how to run it.

                            For many people it's not easy tu use exclusively when u get the rooms and wanted to make sitting each ID to play the others.
                            I Play Chess , BlackJack & Poker! Love DELPHI


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                              thats a very very good point to make ipc i wouldn't know how to make tables a manual would help solve the problem and a mp3 player would be nice
                              :-X love ya forever and always