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  • The Good ****

    I have a dream that we get yahoo to change encryption so we can dominate yahoo again! Who's with me!

    Anyway all the good **** is either spread around or is no longer made. What the **** is up with that. When is the last time we had a lounge booter or a id maker. Let's face it all these people running around with encryption would'nt be anything if one of them hadnt come here and spread it. So let's get yahoo to change encryption again. That way Limp, ipc and other's could dominate the **** again without it going all over the place. The few and the proud that's how I like it. Limp jus think we could have the site like it was again. I say we do some sort of a mass e-mail or somthing like that. By the way in the mood of this topic if you have any of the old great programs such and Heroshima or an original ratman attach them. Even though they don't work anymore it's still a way to respect the great prog's.

    If you don't know what im talking about or hate my gut's for this let me just reply in advance by saying "**** You".

    Btw good job on the portal limp I can nav again.

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    Just don't worry about it that much. Yahoo has went down the drain so bad that it is beyond repair. Even if Yahoo changes the encryption there will be some kid who will figure it somewhere down the line and spread it all over the place.

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      i dont think half the programs outthere woudl be there without source.. 90% of the prograsms made come fromidiots copying someoen elses source.. they dont even understadteh concept of if then else.. my point is.. i;m not so sure they would figure it out right away.. and when they did make booters to getit changed again..but yes yahoo needs to change


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        they dont even understadteh concept of if then else..
        was that to anybody inparticular? lol j/k if i do start to learn programming, and become able to make programs on my own, i doubt i would be rushing into making programs for yahoo anyway.

        and if i did, i would give credit to the person whose source i used to help.

        it would be quite cool if yahoo changed its encryption i guess, it would give yahoo a revamp.


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          Yahoo has just went down the drain anyways like I said. Possibly it could be fixed I don't know, guess we will have to find out if it ever happens.

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            its kinda lame but you could try and try to get as many people as possible to sign it, so yahoo changes the encryption, you could say to yahoo it is because of all the 3rd party programs which people use, which is ruining there games.

            it is just an idea.

            if enough people signed and enough people emailed yahoo with it, they might take notice.


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              The fact that yahoo sucks ass was kinda the reason behind my post Sniper. If encryption did change we would rid ourself's of all these little punks and the old school people would start to come back. As of right now the cool people jus pop in and out or say somthing like '****ing lamers". If the code changed all these gay fags that stole code would be done. Part of the reason why it's gay is because encryption got out. The punks couldn't figure out why the booster's were sold why the booter's were kept among freinds. The more people that got that power the less fun yahoo became for them and us. See the lamers were content on begging there asses off for rate and we were happy to control the market. It was ****ing perfect until some F0ck messed it up and spread the **** like H.I.V.

              Im going to go away now I got web design to do peace.