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The Weekly Rant of Zenos

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  • The Weekly Rant of Zenos is so pathethic now.

    Does that retard have a big ego or what?

    Does anyone care that he loves "Platnum Princess"?

    Do the visitors that go to that pathethic site really need to know that?

    Not only that, to post in his pathetic ass forums full of "I need a rare and crack me" losers now you have to go through like a 3 step test. What a loser....

    Oh and yes in a lot of Yahoo Games the ratings are only showing up to 3500, so you have all the little kiddies crying and commiting suicide. Well thats the Weekly Rant for this Week, please make sure go to my website

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    I Never new was still alive.
    kids crying for rating is nothing new.


    • #3
      wonders whas gonna happen when they take all da rares :eek: that should be interesting


      • #4
        Yahhhhhh LMAO

        They will start with the "cap`s" ids LMAO

        Delete all these shitty names.....and let`s us all have reg ids........

        LMAO all these who have buy for real american $$$$$$$$$$ LMAO
        Take care, and pease to you....

        Best Seb


        • #5
          Poor Rits........................

          He lost his 160k in chess.......DAMMMMM he worked hard to get there......LMAO
          Take care, and pease to you....

          Best Seb


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            There goes my spades millions. Ohh well. Lifes a bitch.


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              Your pathetic zeno.

              ~ Lifes a Garden ~ ~ Dig It ~