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Hey all! I had to move servers and the old version of Vbulletin was not compatible so I did an update.

I know there is no activity here but we do get a lot of visitors, and quote a few old school Yahoo Gamers come by once in a while so I'd hate to take the site down.

Anyways I am going to try to reactivate user registration so some of the folks who forgot their login info can make new accounts.

Maybe I will get a bug up my a$$ and add back in the old arcade and stuff.

I am sorry for the UGLY theme but I will get that fixed at some point!

I hope everyone is well!!!!
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  • games_policy_violation

    Did anyone even get an im from games_policy_violation? It sends you a small part of the TOS and says that you violated it. Well I've gotten them a few times before, once last week I think, now one today, so I replied with, "**** you". Then he said something like, "Sir, we have received multiple complaints about your activity...." it was pretty short, but the reply made it seem real. I always thought that was bullshit, I never thought yahoo gave a ****, but I know people report me all the time, was that a real TOS person?
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    Knowing your luck jazz, its probably that guy who kept kicking you out of game rooms. He prolly got bored with that and now is trying to make you think your id is going to get deactivated or something. I don't think Yahoo would send you an IM like that.

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      No that guy was boltz, not tinkering_fool like I thought. I've seen games_policy_violation around iming me since ladder, every few months.
      Formerly Utah.


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        Yahoo will email you tell you an account is deactive to your alternate email, butnot to your normal mail about complaints.. they never tellyou of complaints